Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Use

Section 1: General

1. Any illegal activity deemed illegal under any US law is strictly prohibited.
2. No abuse of this site or its services shall automatically terminate your account and any future usage of this site or its services.
3. This site bears no liability for data loss or damages due to your use of this site.
4. This site is provided as is.
5. Upon receipt of a request to delete all your data this site will remove all data which corresponds to your use of this site.

Section 2: Specific

1. In accordance with us state law, this site adheres to the laws regarding privacy and data collection.
2. In accordance with US and other countrie’s laws, This site will not tolerate any cyber bullying of any kind.
3. Use of this site or this services, in order to track, stalk or harass, will get you banned and your demographic data forwarded to all appropriate authorities.
4. Use of this site for purposes other than that which was intended shall be met with an automatic lifetime ban.
5. Site administrators have the final say in all disputes among site members. Any attempt to hack, circumvent or get around security features of this site will be met with a report to authorities.

Section 3: Policy changes

1. Policy changes to the privacy policy, the cookie policy and the terms and conditions shall not happen without 30 days prior notice.
2. All changes will be sent out via newsletter to all site members.
3. Announcments shall be made on the site;s official forum if changes to the policies. or site feature changes were to occur.

Section 4: Policy Regarding Age and Children

1. We here at Shining Star Radio take the safety of children very seriously. So therefore the following rules will now apply:
1. No person under the age of 21 shall be admitted to this site.
2. If a child were to log in, please let admin know immediately.
3. Please let admin know if you suspect a child has entered our site so that we may take appropriate actions.
4. Due to site content only adults are allowed into this site.
5. To report a child account being created, please use the submit a ticket and select report fake account in the help topic and provide relevant information.